DDT Divas- A Case Study

Every client is unique with needs that require a solution tailored specifically for them. As such, our work with DDT Divas presented us with a unique problem for our team to resolve and overcome. We would like to share with you some of our insight from during the project cycle that led us to create a product that both us at GoFireLion and our client at DDT Divas could be truly proud of.

Project Goals

DDT Divas was looking to redesign their website brand, logo, social media graphics, flyers, and business cards. They wanted to convey three important messages:  pro-wrestling, afrocentricity, and womanhood. The client wanted a modern website design that is easy for users to navigate as well as a simple brand color scheme.

Our Solution

Our solution was to redesign the DDT Divas brand by creating a simple brand color scheme that translates across multiple media platforms. We wanted to create a logo that not only looks great but conveys DDT Divas three important messages. The new color scheme and logo would be used on all brand content and the website was redesigned with the new brand color scheme and a modern design.


We created a brand color scheme of one primary color. We also took DDT Divas’ three important brand messages and conveyed them in their logo. To convey pro-wrestling, we used a font that resembles the brand font of WWE’s Wrestlemania. To convey afrocentricity and womanhood, we used the image of a woman with afro-textured hair and the bold pink color. As requested, we provided the client with a well designed website that is easy to navigate.