Our Team

Red Rayner


At 13, he began running building websites professionally,  experience and knowledge has taught him to be frugal, efficient, and effective with any project handed his way.

Elijah Madron


Elijah was drawn to aesthetic design at a young age and has always worked in spaces that have allowed him to be creative.

Shaun McMillan

Front-end Developer

Shaun built his first Computer when he was 16 years old back in 1993. At the time, he was using a 80486SX processor with a whopping 460 MB hard drive. 25 years later he builds enthusiast Computers for fun and works at Fire Lion.

Kyle Morton

Technical Director

Kyle is skilled at tailoring your needs to an actionable solution. He uses a mix of skills including Systems Administration, Web Development, General Troubleshooting, and Web Hosting to accomplish your goals.